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Wireless Solar infrared Photoelectric Beam Detectors & its wireless receiver 
Model: GWA100SW1
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Wireless Solar infrared Photoelectric Beam Detectors & its wireless receiver

Solar Wireless infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector

Model: GWA100SW1

*Beams & Receiver Complete KIT

*Solar beams, no power required

*Wholly wireless (between beams and receiver), no wiring required

*Wireless Receiver Relay Outputs NC/NO/Com Optional

The solar wireless infrared photoelectric beam detector make you so safe and convinient.

1.Wireless solar beams


1)Tamper protect

2)No need to replace batteries

3)Easy o install


1)Alert state can be set/reset by a wireless remote controller

2)Unqiue design,revolutionary in long distance guarding zone

3)Power input is from solar energy

4)No cable wire,no need to replace batteries,no maintenance,easy to install or removesuitable for different situations.

5)Tamper protected

6)Mounting: wall or pole mounting

7)Complete wireless,24 hours protection

8)Digital frequency convert technology,so avoid interference

9)Ratory optical axis beam adjust.

10)2 beams simultaneous to avoid false trigger

11)Low power consumotion,working without sunlight for more than 15 days

12)Distance between beams within 100M

13)2 x Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 3.7V (included)

14)Temperature: -25C ~ +55C

15)Responce Time: 35~700msec

16)Light Sources: Long Wave IR LED 2 Beams

2. Wireless Receiver


1) Simple installation;

2) Learning code, easy to encode;

3) Impossible to copy by thief (smart code blocking)

4) Wireless Control;

5) Remote keyfob, water-proof;

6) Compact Size Remote Controls;

7) Range: 100 meters max;

8) Frequency: 315/433MHz;

9) Relay Output: Voltage-free NC, NO, Common.


1) Range: 100 meters;

2) Input: DC12V

3) Channels: 1

4) Signal coding: 4 bits

5) Static current: = 6mA

6) Sensitivity: > = -95dB

7) Frequency: 315/433 MHz

8) Working modes: Momentary / Self-Latched / Toggle.


1) VCC: DC12VDC;

2) GND: GND;

3) K: NO (Relay Voltage-free Normally-Open Contact, no polarity);

4) G: COM (Relay Common);

5) B: NC (Relay Voltage-free Normally-Close Contact, no polarity).


1. Working Mode

1) Self-Latching (by one key);

2) Mutual-toggle (One key open, another close);

3) Momentary.

2. How to choose Working Mode

3. Package included:

1)Solar Wireless infrared Photoelectric Beam Detector x 1 Pair

(one solar Transmitter and one solar Receiver)

2)Wireless Receiver & Cover x 1


1)Screw Driver

2)Pull out

3)Take off the Insulation slices


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