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Telephone RJ11 Splitter 1 In to 5 Out Adapter x 1 
Model: Phone1TO5
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Telephone RJ11 Splitter 1 In to 5 Out Adapter x 1

1:5 Telephone RJ11 1 input to 5 outputs Connection Splitter Adaptor Telephone line separator
 Model: Phone1TO5

Telephone line separator from 1 : 2 to 1 : 5 line connector line separation box
This is telephone line separator, not a switch. Short of switches. Can be used as an extension
Phone one to five junction box

Would tap into five road, telephone line all the way along the line you can pick up some of the phone or modem equipment.
Telephone line part about 10 cm long.
1, incoming calls from outside, all the phone ring, filed any phone and outside calls.
2, when need to dial outside, about a direct dial telephone.
3, during the conversation, whether other telephone pick machine, does not affect calls the native state of calls.
4, need to transfer to other telephone calls, the only that will call phone in off-hook condition.
5, the branch only provide distribution, without confidential call function, any phone calls, other phones can be heard at the same time

Package include:
Telephone line 1:5 separator x 1

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