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Network Wire Cable Tracker Checker Tester RJ45RJ11 
Model: SL601
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Network Wire Cable Tracker Checker Tester RJ45RJ11

3KM Network Wire Cable Tracker Checker RJ45 RJ11 Network Tester

Model: SL601

It will help you to check and find the twin cables in need among so many cables in one time.
Plug one port of the cable testing into the RJ45 or RJ11 jack on the emitter and move the switch on the emitter to the SCAN position . It shows a normal work if the "status" LED Flashes.
Push to test on the receiver and the "Power" LED flashes, then detect the sound "Doo" from the speaker on the receiver around another port of the cable testing. Then find the largest sound cables.
Verifying Cables Sequence
It can very fast to test the basic physical connecting feature open and short and cables sequence status:
UTP computer network of 10 Base-T EIA/TIA 568A, EIA/TIA 568B, AT&T258A, Token Ring. The telephone cable of 2 /4 pin.
Other metal connecting cable.
Plug one of the cable port into RJ45 jack on the emitter. Select the function switch to "TEST" position. It shows a normal work when the "Verify" LED flashes.
Connect another port on the reciever4 and the status of the cable circuit can be checked on the 4 indicator LED on the receiver of cable status (1/2. 3/6, 4/5, 7/8)
Low Voltage alarm function
Adjustable volume sensitivity
Circuitry Status Testing: Ring flowing signal and DC checking, Phone signal detection, Open and short circuit testing, Computer Network Line Project, Open and short circuit testing

Operating current: Emitter <10mA, Receiver <30mA
Signal Transmission Format: Multi-frequency pulse
Signal output voltage: 8V peak to peak
Distance for signal transmission: > 3km
Powered by Battery: 9V F22 (excluded)

1 x SL601 Emitter
1 x SL601 Receiver
1 x Earphone
1 x RJ11 cable
1 x RJ45 cable
1 x Cable with crocodile clamp
1 x Manual
This auction is only for Cable Tracker, don't include any battery.

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