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1:2 Wired 7 inch Color Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell 
Model: WJ01A12
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New High Quality Wired 7 inch Color Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell System 1 Monitor 1 RFID Access Camera

7" Wired Home Security Video Intercom Door Phone RFID Keyfob Doorbell System

Model: WJ01A12

*High Quality!

*Clearer Video

*Unlock via RFID cards (include) on Gate Station or unlock button on Inside Monitor.

*Unlock via RFID cards directly in the dormant state (don't active the Videophone before swipe tag cards)

*Door Opener, Voltage-free Relay Output NO/COM (so it can go directly to Gate Operator or Garage Opener)

Reliable and convenient to use and install. Hence, this product is the ideal theft prevention equipment.It is widely used in single-family houses, villas, office and so on, meanwhile it also the ideal present giving to friends or relatives.In order to create more comfortable and securer living environment, please choose our visible intercom doorbell product to ensure your safety and comfort.It is a luxury household security product for one-family buildings or upscale villas.  It adopts advanced technology and the latest computer chips which highly improves the  stability and durability of the system.


1)7" TFT digital color LCD monitor;

2)19 Song/melodies for ringing selection;

3)Show outdoor image manually.

4)Dual-way intercom;

5)Monitor unlock control;

6)Night-viewing, 24 hours monitoring, calling, speaking and unlocking remote controlling etc.

7)TFT color screen with low power consumption, no radiation and 8)high definition Resolution: 800*480.

9)Hands-free intercommunication.

10)Brightness, chroma and volume adjustable

11)Ring cancel function

12)Comes with 6 RFID keyfobs.

With micro-processing technology, excellent performance and high Reliability.

13)Door Opener

Voltage-free Relay Output NO/COM from door station

Actively short (Unlock Wires) between Normally Open (NO) and Common (COM).


1 x Outdoor camera

1 x Indoor monitor

1 x power adapter

2 x RFID Management Cards

6 x RFID keyfobs

Parts & User Instructions


1)5-core cable may be required, CAT5E or over is recommended;

2)Distance UP TO 100M.

3)Warranty 2 Years.

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