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Power Bank 7800mAh USB External Mobile Backup Powerbank 
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Power Bank 7800mAh USB External Mobile Backup Powerbank Battery for iPhone iPod iPad mobile Phone Universal Charger

Power Bank  7800mAh USB External Mobile Backup Powerbank Battery for iPhone iPod iPad mobile Phone Universal Charger



The old is 5600mah, the upgraded product is 7800mah, new circuit board and battery.Charge faster. More stable.


7 color:black white orange ,blue pink ,green, purple,pls leave message about the color you want .





1. How to Calculate the working capacity:    

Battery Volatge(Input Voltage): 3.7V
Power bank Voltage(Output volatge): 5V
When working, it may lose 15-25% energy
Working Capacity=7800mah3.7V/5V75%= 4329mah
So when you using this power bank, you can use about 4329mah capacity.

2. Charging for mobile power supply:

1)the USB end connected to computer or other 5V/1A USB adapter;
2)move the other end of the power cord connected to the power input port;
3)the mobile power supply charging process, the power indicator light flashing until full and the light continued on;
4)although the mobile power supply support filling while put, but we do not suggest user to do so,
because it is possible because of voltage instability caused overload,

or internal protection circuit board failure and cause equipment damage and may even cause personal injury.

3. Using a mobile power supply to charge for digital products:
1)USB ports of the data line connect with the mobile power supply output port;
2)the other end of the cable by matching the charging interface connected to the phone;
3)press the mobile power switch, remaining power indicator light display, mobile power supply was on at this time, start to charge the phone;

4)after the phone displays full of electricity, shut off the mobile power switch, remove the cable.

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